Los Angeles Lakers Vs Sacramento Kings Live

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Los Angeles Lakers Vs Sacramento Kings Live. The Los Angeles Lakers (19 19) take on Sacramento Kings (16 22) in what should be a great matchup! DISCLAIMER DUE TO NBA COPYRIGHT LAWS NO GAME FOOTAGE WILL BE SHOWN DURING THIS STREAM. But Please stick around for a great play by play, live scoreboard and the BEST CHAT ON YOUTUBE!! MyBookie.AG Promo code: BADDOG Provides all new customers with a double deposit bonus on their initial deposit. Redeemable all the way up to Want to become a channel member Lakers Kings LALakers NBA Follow me on Twitter Follow me on Instagram Mailing Address Box Karner Road Albany, NY Baddog is a passionate fan who was born, and raised in the state of New York! I am A HUGE sports fan. Baddog has a very strong, passionate, roller coaster ride of emotions personality which can sometimes lead to rant and rage videos, about his favorite teams, which many seem to enjoy. This channel is that of a fan, and nothing else. My videos are done from that of my own perspective and views as a fan. I am a HUGE New York Yankees, New York Giants, New York Knicks fan. I do video, and live stream content covering The New York Yankees, New York Giants and Los Angeles Lakers, which has also lead to the nickname LakerDog . You may ask yourself, If Baddog is a Knicks fan, why does he do Los Angeles Laker content? The Reason for this is because I have a family, and because of my work, and gym schedule, streaming all of The Knicks games would be impossible, so I began covering The Lakers in late because most of their games are played at 9:00PM EST, or later. Hopefully you guys gals will find my content enjoyable and will continue to come back for future content! If you do enjoy it, please make sure to subscribe to the channel, and click the bell for notifications. Also, please like, and share the channel if you would be so kind. Hope to see you on the channel!

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