Frosty The Snowman 1969 Hd 1080p Full Movie Christmas Movies For Kids

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Frosty The Snowman 1969 Hd 1080p Full Movie Christmas Movies For Kids. Watch more Cartoons here : Get Festive With some Christmas Movies the Family will love here: Frosty the Snowman is a animated Christmas television special based on the song Frosty the Snowman . SUBSCRIBE For More Retro Cartoons On Christmas Eve, a terrible magician named Professor Hinkle is called to the schoolhouse to perform for the class Christmas party, but fails. After, the children go out to play in the snow where they build a snowman and name him Frosty. Suddenly, Hinkle s rabbit, Hocus Pocus, hops outside and a gust of wind blows the hat onto Frosty, bringing him to life, delighting the children, but Hinkle, after discovering this as well, takes it back after the wind blows it off Frosty s head. The other children object, but he tells them that when they grow up, they ll learn that snowmen can t come to life and leaves. Hocus, however, runs back to the schoolyard with the hat and the children bring Frosty to life again. Frosty is amazed with all the things he can do since he is alive until he feels the temperature is rising, which could cause him to melt until they realize the only place he d never melt is the North Pole. The children decide to take him there as they parade through town, shocking other people including the traffic cop. They reach the train station, but with no money to buy a ticket, Karen and Frosty to stow away on a train while Hinkle manages to sneak aboard, determined to get the hat back. Noticing that Karen is freezing in the boxcar, Frosty realizes that she has to get out. With Karen still freezing, they find the forest animals decorating their Christmas tree and they build Karen a fire while Frosty and Hocus decide that Santa Claus to help Karen get back home and Frosty to the North Pole. That night, as Frosty waits patiently for Santa, Hinkle shows up and demands Frosty to give him back the hat. Frosty and Karen escape him and find a greenhouse to warm up in until Hinkle catches up to them and slams the door, trapping them inside. Santa arrives and he and Hocus go to the greenhouse, only to find Karen crying over a melted Frosty. Santa explains to her that Frosty is made of Christmas snow and will always come back every winter. He then opens the door, letting in a magic Christmas wind, bringing Frosty back to life. But just as they re about to put his hat on, Hinkle shows up and demands he wants the hat back again. Santa warns him that if he ever does take it, he ll never get another Christmas present from him. He then tells him to write his apologies and on Christmas morning, he ll get a new hat. Delighted, Hinkle runs home to write his apologies in the hopes of it. Santa then brings Frosty back to life, takes Karen home, and brings Frosty back to the North Pole, promising to return next year when another Christmas snowfall comes. As the end credits roll, Frosty and the children parade through town. The townspeople also join the parade, including the traffic cop, and a reformed Professor Hinkle wearing his new hat. At the end of the parade, Frosty boards Santa s sleigh and they leave for the North Pole with Frosty altering the song s last lyric, saying, I ll be back on Christmas Day! Happy holidays and enjoy Frosty the Snowman in HD AnimatedCartoonsForKids Boo CasperTheFriendlyGhost VeggieTales Lassie PostmanPat GuessWithJess Floogals WoodyWoodpecker ChristmasMovies

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